Do you have a passion for science that you want to share with the world and discuss with colleagues? Are you looking for exciting and inspiring work that might help you advance your own work to the next level?

If so, we invite you to come join us for the Berkeley Clinical Translation, either as a speaker or as an attendee.


Attendees will enjoy a series of events that provide information on a wide variety of research topics ranging from environmental preservation to improving health care. You'll hear from passionate professionals that are actively trying to solve the world's problems. Current and innovative research to inspire your or your organization's work.

Leaders in all scientific disciplines are invited to attend and provide solutions for the enormous problems facing our world today. Global warming, pollution, power shortages in the third world and working towards curing diseases are all possible avenues for our conference.

Join us to do inspiring work that makes a difference throughout the world. You may be ardently pursuing green energy solutions that can bring power to third world villages or more efficient home energy systems that can reduce energy demands in the first world. You might be seeking to develop medicines that ease the symptoms of those suffering from Fibromyalgia or working on the embodiment of medical excellence in the attempt to cure cancer. Whatever the bent of your research, the Berkeley Clinical Translation will allow you discourse with your peers in an environment that is passionate about collaboration, learning and problem solving.

Like you, we at the Berkeley Clinical Translation truly believe that we can solve the world's problems by working together to advance technology to provide solutions that inspire and can be implemented in the parts of the world that are most impacted by the problems we're looking to solve.

Those interested in speaking at the conference should click Contact Us while those wishing to attend should click the Registration link in the menu above. Either way, you'll be a part of an innovative event that will help you make the world a better place for this generation and generations to come.

Check Out The Impressive Lineup Of Speakers

Cody Sanchez:

A graduate of the University of San Diego, Cody works at an automotive recycling company in San Diego. He is tasked with exploring how one can efficiently use recycled parts from cars. He is going to be giving a speech about how the automotive recycling industry plays an enormous role in keeping the environment clean.


Alfred works with executives at Staples to help make the company more environmentally conscious. In this talk you’ll hear about how Alfred has helped transform the company thought process and how which has resulted in an incredible impact on the environment.


Nicholas is a programmer at a large fortune 500 company and he’ll be releasing some technology he has created to help preserve the environment. It’s new, advanced and you’ll be excited to see it.